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Mantrailing Sessions

Mantrailing Sessions

These sessions are for anyone who has attended a Mantrailing Introduction workshop!


During these sessions, we will continue to work and develop you as a team, you can do this just for fun or work towards any of our Mantrailing assessments while being guided by one of the first and most experienced Instructors in Scotland.


Each place = 1 dog working the session (If you wish to work more than one dog you need to purchase additional places).


In each general training session, you will get 3 trails (1 warm-up trail and 2 working trails).


Sessions code -

  1. AGE - Aged trails
  2. ^ - St Patricks Day special 
  3. **Full-day session (limited to 5 teams)
  4. CAMO - Camouflage Full-day (normally Gordon Woods)
  5. Long - Longer trails
  6. CAST - Casting for a trail
  7. LINE - Line handling/bell exercise
  8. TAR - Target sniffing
  9. DG - Door/gate indication.
  10.  + Halloween special

The exact location will be emailed at least 4 days before the session.


By buying this you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions (they can be viewed by clicking HERE).

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