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How to Host Kevin?


Interested in hosting International Dog Trainer Kevin Motion to deliver any of the following workshops?



  • Introduction to Mantrailing workshops?

  • Progression Mantrailing workshops?

  • Advanced Mantrailing Workshops?

  • Full-day & two-days workshops?

  • Theory (in-person or online)?


Scent Detection:

  • Introduction to Scent Detection workshops?

  • Progression workshops?

  • Problem-solving workshops (Scent Clinics)?

  • Theory (in-person or online)?


Tracking/Trailing (SIFD):

  • Introduction to Tracking/Trailing workshops?

  • Progression workshop?

  • Full-day & two day workshops?

If you are interested in any of the above and would like some more information please download our hosting pack that covers all the information you need, if you still have any questions please just drop Kevin an email on

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