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121 Sessions

121 Sessions

Offering 121 Training to suit you and your dog's needs. I am able to work with you individually offering General Training such as recall, lead manners, and life skills from puppies up to adults.
I am also a specialist sports Scent Detection teacher and can offer you 121 sessions help to improve your skills and provide you with a progression plan.

I can also offer Behavioural Advice for some aspects of behavioural issues such as separation anxiety and reactivity.


I offer serval different options for 121's, check them out below.

  • General Training Session -
    Struggling with your new puppy or rescue dog? Finding walks frustrating or friends won't visit for being jumped all over? Then 121 training is for you. Tailored to you and your dog's needs, we build a specific plan for you to have success. Each session will last for 1 hour and will be followed up with training notes.
  • Scent Detection 121 Introduction Session -
    Can't make the introduction workshop or beginners class? This option is for you. I'll cover all I normally do in my workshops. Each session we allow up to 2 dogs to be worked so perfect if you have multiple dogs. This session will last around an hour.
  • Scent Detection 121 Problem-Solving Session -
    Already doing Scent Detection but have hit a problem? These sessions help work out where you need to work and how to be a better team. As an experienced Scent Detection Instructor, having completed multiple courses and trained hundreds of dogs in scent detection, I'll be there to guide you through solving the problem and finding a solution. This session will last around an hour. Summary notes will be sent afterward as well.
  • Behaviour Package -
    Struggling with your dog's behavior? Does the thought of walking them fill you with dread? Is your dog giving you anxiety? Have you tried the online help and just gotten nowhere? Then you need 121 personalised package.
    This package allows us to work together closely and solve the issue, not just manage it. We start with an initial assessment, and then two follow-up sessions to help you progress your training plan. Alongside this, I offer support for six months via email/WhatsApp. You will receive training notes to keep you on track after each session and build your dog's behaviour for the better. Enjoy walks again and have a happy dog!


These 121 sessions will take place at a mutually agreed location, for me to come to you will incur a travel charge of 50p per mile each way from TD4 6EF.


By buying this you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions (they can be viewed by clicking HERE).

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