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Rainbow Trailing Awards

What are the awards?

These awards can be done on any Mantrailing session and each award has its own requirements. For example, Red has 10 x 100+ meter trails, which means you have to have completed at least 10 trails that are at least 100 meters in length to complete that part of Red. You are able to tick off TWO requirements of each colour per session (for example ONE 100m+ length and ONE trail with a junction). Full days allow you to sign off FIVE requirements.


To complete each colour you will need to use the input form (this link will be emailed to you) to allow me to track your progress, I would recommend doing this on the day of the session. Once you've completed that colour you will get a certificate and rosette, once you complete all SIX colours you will get a sew-on patch with your choice of name on it (see the photo above as an example).

Trails can only be backdated ONE month. There is no time limit to complete the colour you've signed up for but you cannot move onto the next colour until you've completed the current or previous colour.


These awards can only be completed in person with Borders Mantrailing & Scent training.


All awards are copywritten by Borders Mantrailing and Scent Training

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I've developed the Rainbow Trailing to give you something to work towards, these awards are just for fun and will provide you with a log of what you have done while trailing with me.

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