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UK Scent Sport

UK Scent Sport

Join Kevin as one of the Lead Instructors for this brand new sport hitting the UK. All elements (apart from Trail ID) will be held at Lindean Village Hall. 


Offering workshop style training for all four of the below elements, you can attend one or all four... the choice is yours! 


  • Kong Search: In this category, dogs will showcase their exceptional scenting abilities by participating in an indoor or outdoor search (depending on levels). The challenge is to find tiny pieces of Kong, measuring smaller than 3mm squared, hidden within the designated area. Handlers will work their dogs around the area, relying on the dog’s indication at source for a correct call!
  • Catnip Retrieve: Prepare for an exciting twist in this category! Dogs will be tasked with a retrieve challenge involving a gizit (a specific object) and blanks. Handlers will remain at the start line while their dogs search to locate the correct gizit and retrieve it back to their handlers, (again indoor and outdoor depending on levels).
  • Scent Match: This category will put dogs' scent discrimination skills to the test. Dogs will engage in an indoor or outdoor search of containers, (depending on levels) focusing on matching scents. Each dog will be presented with an article of cloth containing the scent of a person. Their task is to find the container that holds a second article with a matching scent. A preferred sit indication adds an extra layer of challenge, as dogs must demonstrate their accuracy in identifying the correct scent.
  • Trailing ID Search: This category takes scent detection to a whole new level! Dogs will be given a scent article belonging to a specific person, they will then trail that person identify them and alert their handler to the correct person by sniffing out their unique scent. This category showcases the extraordinary capabilities of dogs in identifying and trailing individuals based on scent alone.


Dogs are all worked one at a time so reactive dogs and nervous dogs are most welcome to any classes or workshops. Limited to just 6 teams per workshops. 


No previous experience is needed for these workshops.  


UK Scent Sport (UKSS) offers four exciting searches and league tables (if you register your dog with UKSS - Click HERE!).


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