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Recall Workshop

Recall Workshop

Introducing The Recall Workshop!


This workshop is designed to help dog owners teach their furry friends to come when called. In this hands-on and interactive workshop, Kevin will provide valuable techniques and strategies to improve your dog's recall response.


Whether your dog is easily distracted or has a tendency to wander off, our workshop will help you build a stronger bond with your dog and ensure their safety in most situations.


With this workshop limited to just 6 dogs, you'll leave feeling confident in your ability to train your dogs recall. All dogs are out working at the same time for this workshop…


Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your dog's recall skills and enjoy a closer, more trusting relationship with your canine companion.


New clients must fill in our registration form, this can be done by clicking the link below.


By buying this you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

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