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BMST Training Classes

BMST Training Classes

Welcome to not just another training class but to the Borders Mantrailing & Scent Training (BMST) Classes - where we focus on Quality not Quantity! 


Classes are limited to a maximum of 4 dogs to allow plenty of training time.


The BMST method which has been developed by Kevin Motion who has spent  over 10 years working professionally with pets dogs, delivering hundreds of classes and workshops. 

The BMST method is much more than just teaching dogs to be able to sit or stay, they designed to teach you and your dog valuable life skills that last. 


Kevin has spent over 10 years working hands-on in the rescue field, and dealing with rescue dogs is still a huge passion of Kevin’s.  

Kevin also holds several diplomas in behaviour and training and has also run hundreds of training classes and workshops over the last 10 years helping hundreds of owners and their dogs, specialising in dog-on-dog reactivity. 




Starting with teaching the foundations in Level 1 & 2 and moving onto more real life training as the levels get higher. 


  • Foundations - This is our 4 week Puppy class, this class is perfect to get your new puppy off to the best start (please note only suitable for puppies up to 20 weeks old)
  • Level 1 - Already done some training or looking for a refresher or simply missed out on puppy classes, then level 1 is where you start with us (please note this is not a Puppy class). This is about building your soild foundations in the following areas, Loose Lead Walking, Settle, Polite Greetings, Barrier Work (walking through doorways), Recall work and how to build duration in all the above. Teaching YOU the owner how to actually train your dog... 
  • Level 2 - Building on level 1 work, we will continue to develop your skills offering practical and realistic trainingin level 2 we start to add more distractions working both indoors and outside. 
  • Level 3 - Real world training... No training held at a hall, all held in public areas! 


Each block is aimed to give you the skills and knowledge to complete our assessment on week 5. Please note you need to have completed the previous level (apart from Foundation) before you can move onto the next level. 


Please note that these are not ‘socialisation classes’ these are training classes where you will be learning the skills needed to take on life. 


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